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Important points while buying battery and related products - Consumer Awareness
Category: Automotive & Vehicle
| Posted at: Apr 2 2011 3:10PM
We would like to suggest few instruction while going for battery and related products:
  1. Visual Inspection
  2. State Of Charge
  3. Capacity Or Heavy Load Test

Note: This Does Not Include The Midtronics Battery Tester Which Has A Different Test Procedure And Will Be Discussed Later In This Module.

Visual Inspection 

Battery Service Should Begin With A Thorough Visual Inspection. This Inspection May Reveal Simple, Easily Corrected Problems.
  • Check For Cracks In The Battery Case And Broken Terminals. Either May Allow Electrolyte Leakage, Which Requires Battery Replacement.
  • Check For Cracked Or Broken Cables Or Connections. Replace, As Needed.
  • Check For Corrosion On Terminals And Dirt Or Acid On The Case Top. Clean The Terminals And Case Top With A Mixture Of Water And Baking Soda. A Battery Wire Brush Tool Is Needed For Heavy Corrosion On The Terminals.
  • Check For A Loose Battery Hold-Down Or Loose Cable Connections. Clean And Tighten, As Needed.
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