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Property Buying tips - Few Things you must see before buying your dream house
Category: Real Estate & Rentals
Posted By: SINGH PROPERTIES | Posted at: Apr 7 2011 10:20AM
One of the most important things in a person life is to have his/her own house. It’s a dream which starts weaving as a person starts earning. People spent lot of time and money in making their dream come true. A dream call House. 

There are number of things to consider before you buy a house. One considers amenities like location, longevity, condition, geographical prices, neighbourhood, schools, hospitals, market places, parks etc.

Your Budget & Requirement & Space

First most thing you should plan your budget. Look for the house which is within your set budget. Cause later you have to consider the refurnishing and decorating expenses of the house also. Don’t get extravagant while buying a house. 

Distance from work

You house should not be too far from your work place. One needs to consider the time factor and cost for travelling to and from office. It is wise to save time and money spent on travelling.


There should be good school near by. Good playschool should be around. Schools should be near to your house. 

Park or Paying places for children

You house belongs to your family. So, you children should have ample space for playing or leisure. Playground and park constitute a lot to the growth and development and health of you children. This factor should be the prime. 

Market Places

The market places for necessary or daily life should be close to your house. Vegetable shop, fruits shops, daily groceries etc markets should be in reach of your locality.


There should be adequate security provision in the locality. Like nearest police station, boundary walls around your locality, latest security system etc.

Water & Electricity with Backups

Make sure the basic facilities like water, electricity etc. are good and regular. There should be power backup facilities along with sufficient water supply.

Above all, the house, apartment, flat should be verified from the government. Check for necessary documents. We should also keep in mind any hidden costs and document the entire transaction. The total actual cost should be calculated by including stamp duty, registration charges etc.

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