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Category: Education & Learning
Posted By: CELESTIAL CORNER | Posted at: Jun 3 2011 1:53PM

Some of my thoughts and experience on the topic of predictive reading in contrast to what I call “Tarot Counseling”.

Tarot is for those people who use the cards to make predictions for themselves and/or clients, and also those who look to the cards for guidance and insight, without making conclusions and future speculations.

Predictive Tarot is much more popular and represents the general population assumes is the purpose of consulting the Tarot. This includes the image of gypsy fortune-tellers and the ones we see on televison these days with so many fancy names.

First, let us understand how predictive Tarot works by breaking it down to its various aspects. This of course is my understanding of the subject & would love to be corrected.
The initial level of prediction using the cards is to rely on the interpretation of the cards based on how we the reader studied and learned meanings of Tarot cards. For example, if the card said travelling,, one would assume that travel will be in the client’s future. This is not the only interpretation of this card and can represent a very one-dimensional way to see the Travelling Card.

Another aspect of prediction is when the reader draws from her/his intuition or direct psychic source. 

A reader practising Prediction method would add his element of insight to the reading, as if it is The Truth to be learned from the reading.

Part of the problem in this reading style is that it gives the reader all the power in the relationship, while the client being a mute spectator who either opens the mouth to confirm or be dazed by how correct you are in telling his future. 

Unfortunately, most clients assume this is the way to receive a reading and are willing participants in this master slave or if i could put it as Gyaani & the Agyani mode of relationship. This in fact works very well in a country like ours where mostly you would find your clients in child-ego state and every issue they have in life is connected to soemthing outside their own preview and power atleast from the blame part of it.

What it also does is to deny is the possibility of the clients bringing in their own insights and intuition, especially their personal experience and emotional 
connection to the message. Some predictive readers have learned to include their client’s input, but mostly that is a rarity.

The reason why this predective style of reading is so popular is simply because as a reader, it is very empowering and exciting to be able to give advice, share insight, be right, influence people, get people on track, view the future, avoid pain, etc.And as usual they just lap it up all. After all avoidence of responsibility to take charge of life is so very endearing.

To make the contrast between these two styles more obvious, let me give you an example of the counseling style and what it might look like in a predictive session. This client of mine who arrived just yesterday for her session with an issue in her life she would like to fix namely her not getting married despite her & her family's best efforts. 
I heard the issue went into root cause analysis finds reasons in say something deeper & after making an evaluation for the client and tells her what to do, how to do when to do ,inshort empowering her to see the limiting belief face to face and overcome it. 

With the root cause disappearing with newly found empowerment, the changes in her life almost always certinly happens. Statactical data supports the view.

The same case when handled in the conventional predective method also gives solution regarding the time frame and things to do.This also might give the desired result if we are to believe in 'fixed future'. 
The real issue here would be; is it going to be just doing bandage and leaving the deep wounds namely in this case,her belief that all men are *%$#.... which was stopping her from viewing her desired result from a neutral precpective. 

Afterall the perception we have of a certain issue is the result of our experience plus our emotions. While experience is always neutral , emotion is always colored which is what provides color to the prception. 

There have been times when details that came out of my first initial interaction with someone, something I did not previously know. This was so empowering for me as a reader and so much delisious for the client because from that point onwards whatever I would have said was gospel truth for him.

As empowering as this was, it also made me feel quite because it gave me way too much into someone else's karma which at the end of the day be quite disturbing and to be honest very troublesome as whatever the person does and has from that point onwards , you become a active participant in that person's karmic role. and believe me we don't have any control hwat potentially our clients can go ahead and do. its almost like leaving your visiting card at the crime scence.

In conclusion, what I would like to say is that we should be seeing predictive readings as entertaining and potentially informative. However, my experience in hypnosis other things has shown me that predictions are not the most life-enhancing or transformative for the client, if that is what the client come seeking.

So then, what is Tarot Counseling all about ?

As most of you must be aware of it mostly about "HOW" rather that "IF" , "WHEN" & "WILL". It is about creating a way rather than seeing one. Its less about "KNOWING FUTURE" & more about "CREATING FUTURE".

What we do is simply, apply counseling skills and values alongwith the Tarot cards and the client. 

One more contrasts between predictive and counseling styles is whether the reading is “prescriptive” or “descriptive”. Prescriptive is when readers report their interpretation of the cards and prescribe a particular meaning or action based on their point of view.

Descriptive readers would share or reveal information based on the cards, without imposing their personal interpretation of what it means to the client. 

Ultimately, only the client can determine how useful the information is and how to apply it.

Another point involves “Leading” versus “Following” the client.
It is easy to lead clients with your interpretation of the cards and what you think they mean while the clients follow your advice, interpretation, guidance. 

It is however quite difficult is listening to clients, involving them in the reading process, opening the clients to their own intuitive relationship with the cards, and then helping them to discover their own solutions, actions, meaning. 

The reader takes a back seat to the clients and the cards, allowing the clients’ wisdom to shine on their own with the reader’s experienced guidance in the process, not the reader’s interpretation.

This frees the reader from the "KARMIC TRAP" as I call it.

A word of caution here ;This may not be the most popular position for those hoping to leave the responsibility of their decisions or actions with some third party, such as the reader. You are making them "WORK" & that perhaps does not go with a LAZY, GREEDY & SELFISH "ME".

One more thing is about the CAUSE & EFFECT Phenomenon. When ever we feel we are a cause of some malady in our life, we feel more responsible empowered &
eager to find a way out. However when we know we are at the effect part of it, then its more of my destiny, my family, my circumstances my belief and ofcourse most important GOD.

Tarot counseling does not and should not be a replacement of trained medical & mental workers & as i have taught we got to know when an issue is beyond our scope of practice and are prepared to make referrals to qualified resources.

Hope that was fine. Love to hear from you all You can contact me at . God bless you

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